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The Aquarium of Cattolica is the largest marine park the Adriatic Coast. It is situated on the waterfront of Cattolica, near the harbour in an  multifunctional area that the Municipality has made renovating Le Navi, an old beach summer camp of the fascist era. In the area of the Aquarium in addition to the tanks and the various exhibition paths there is a congress hall, various eating points and restaurants, recreation areas and shop galleries for the shopping.

Reaching the Aquarium from Lido di Savio is very simple and fast, by car, by train or by bus.  Holiday packages and offers hotel Aquarium of Cattolica are available for the guests of Lido di Savio and represent opportunities not to be missed to make your stay by the sea more interesting. The Aquarium of Cattolica is in fact a great attraction, extremely exciting, of great cultural value. To understand this just give a look to the characteristics of its complex, so large as to be divided into four different paths, that make the visit easier and more involving. 

The longest and most famous path is the Blue Path. A history of the planet and its biological evolution, explained through 100 tanks in which are contained 3000 different marine species.  The Blue Path is a tour of the world with the head under water, to the discovery of the marine environment of the Mediterranean, of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, of the coral reefs of the Red Sea. Among the most interesting species that you can admire there are piranhas, lozenges, jellyfish, the surgeon fish, the napoleon fish, the spotted dogfish, sea turtles and even the penguins.  The undisputed protagonists of the Blue Path are however the sharks. You can admire bull, nurse and hammerhead sharks.  Two particular tanks are dedicated to flat sharks and to the puppies of hammerhead shark.
The Green Path was inaugurated on 2009. It is an exciting journey through the environments of tropical and desert life, to the discovery of the most curious and unimaginable exotic animals. It is in the Green Path that you can admire the snakes, together with insects, iguanas, amphibians, chameleons, geckos, lizards and land turtles.

Very special is the Purple Path, made to amaze the visitors of the Aquarium. It is an interactive visit path, which allows you to admire the fish in the tanks listening to their noises.  Anyone thinking that the sea is silent will find out the truth: the sound travels through the water five times faster than through the air.  The Purple Path allows also to listen to the evocative Concert of the sea, composed by the artist Andrea Centazzo using the noises of the fish of the Aquarium in Cattolica.

Last visit path is the Yellow Path. Here you will go to the discovery of the seven seas and navigation, admiring a well-stocked series of models of historic boats. The whole human civilization of the sea is explored by the exposition, with vessels from antiquity to the present days.  Very beautiful are also the reconstructions of legendary environments and harbours, such as the Library of Alexandria, the Alhambra of Granada, the pirate island of Tortuga.
Acquario di Cattolica
47841 Cattolica (RN)
1/a, Piazzale delle Nazioni
Tel: (+39) 0541 837908 - 0541 837910


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