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Are you looking for the right place where you can go shopping in Lido di Savio?

Discover all the best addresses for shops and shopping centres in the surrounding area. Just a short drive and you reach Milano Marittima, the most famous and popular location of the Riviera with trendy shops. In a few hundreds of meters, at the crossing of the two beautiful Viale Gramsci and Viale Matteotti, Milano Marittima offers its guests the most exclusive brands in clothing, footwear, jewellery, sport and much more.

The clothing shops are so many that you will be surprised: we can start talking about Julian, sole agent for a large number of brands, including Azedine Alaia, Missoni, Prada, Miu Miu and many others. Then there is Francis Man, one of the most forefront shops of man clothing , sole agent for Armani Collezioni, Versace Collection, Dolce & Gabbana underwear, Cavalli, Carlo Pignatelli.  Two other shops sought and loved for the quality of their proposals are the famous Bray Steve Alan and the now classic Made & Used, open in Milano Marittima since 1993.
Other clothes shops worthy of note are Bear Store, Boutique Alessia, Resin, Jackie, Cashmere Global Store. Sports enthusiasts will find very interesting Campione Sport and Surfing Shop. While among the most famous jewellery shops we remember Guardigli, Bartorelli, Camporesi, Mafra and the famousHD - Watches and rarity.

The many footwear shops finally complete the rich shopping offer of Milano Marittima. There are more than ten boutiques only dedicated to footwear, for man, woman and children. Among the most renowned we recall Calzature Prati and Davide le Scarpe.


Bear Store
48016 Milano Marittima (RA)
37/D, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 995641
Bray Steve Alan
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
63, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 999495
Boutique Alessia
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
127, Viale Romagna
Tel: (+39) 0544 994115
Cashmere Global Store
Montaletto di Cervia (RA)
5, Via dell'Industria
Tel: (+39) 0544 964529
Francis Uomo
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
34, Viale Matteotti
Tel: (+39) 0544 994668
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
44, Viale Matteotti
Tel: (+39) 0544 995598
Julian fashion
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
31, Viale Matteotti
tel: (+39) 0544 994313
Made & Used
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
43, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 995633
48016 Milano Marittima (RA)
60, V.le Romagna / 2, V.le Matteotti / 1, V.le Roma
Tel: (+39) 0544 991851


Calzature Davide le Scarpe
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
4, Viale Gramsci / 24, Viale Matteotti
Tel: (+39) 0544 993471 - 992754
Prati Calzature
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
10, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 992367


Gioielleria Bartorelli
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
60, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 994593
Camporesi Pietre Dure
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
4/C, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 994886
Guardigli Gioielli
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
72, Viale Gramsci A.
Tel: (+39) 0544 994113
HD Gioielleria
48016 Milano Marittima (RA)
56, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 991186
Gioielleria Mefra
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
35, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 994365
Oro 18 kt di Viroli Glauco
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
9, Piazzale Napoli
Tel: (+39) 0544 995095


Campione Sport
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
4, Viale Gramsci
Tel: (+39) 0544 991213
Surfing shop
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
7, Rotonda Cadorna
Tel: (+39) 0544 993045


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