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Among the most beautiful experiences that can be enjoyed during a holiday in Lido di Savio you shall certainly consider the possibility of visiting the Salt Pans of Cervia, located at a short distance from the sea, in the close hinterland of Cervia and Milano Marittima. From Lido di Savio the park is just fifteen minutes by car. Cervia has always been the town of the salt.  Its history is closely linked to that of its salt pans, where salt is extracted since Etruscan times.  Today the Park of the salt pans of Cervia is an important area not only from the production point of view but also from the cultural and naturalistic one.  You can indeed admire many unique natural environments, inhabited by a particular birdlife and characterized by views of enchanting charm.

The Park of the salt pans of Cervia was declared by the Convention of Ramsar Wetland of National Significance.  Since 1979 it is also protected by the Government as a Natural Reserve of Animal Population.  This is because animals and plants that are accustomed to living in the ponds of water of the salt pans have demonstrated the capacity of resistance to really extreme environmental conditions.  In the salt pans water level is only high few centimetres and the percentage of salt is very high, equal to 150%. Among the most beautiful animals that we observe in this rare ecosystem there are black winged stilts, avocets and during the periods of their migration, flamingos.

There are many possibilities to visit the Park: walks, boat trips or naturalistic excursions in search of the most interesting wildlife encounters. A novelty of recent years are the initiatives Salt Pans under the stars and Sunset in Salt Pan. During summer it is possible to admire the flamingos, with boat trips that take you few meters from the beautiful birds. Very interesting are also the historical and naturalistic itineraries to the discovery of the history of the harvesting of the salt in Cervia.

To visit the Park, it is necessary to first go to the Visitor Centre. Big groups can book guided tours also outside the ordinary opening times. It is recommended for all a comfortable clothing, with sneakers, sun glasses and hat for sun protection.
Salina di Cervia
48015 Cervia (RA)
61, Via Bova
Tel: (+39) 0544 973040


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