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Atlantica is the large aquatic amusement park aquatic of Cesenatico. It is located approximately fifteen kilometres south of Lido di Savio, along the coast. It is easily reachable by car or public services and for this reason many hotels of the city propose offers and discounts Atlantica, holiday packages in hotel Lido Di Savio with entrance to Atlantica included in the price of the stay.

In Atlantica fun is for the whole family, between slides, pools with artificial waves and areas especially designed for children. The beautiful symbol of the park is a giant whale, that welcomes all the visitors as soon as they cross the gates.  The amusement rides are truly many, for all tastes. At the centre of Atlantica there is the large Wave Pool , moved by artificial waves at three levels of speed, where you can swim in relaxation or dance with the entertainment staff of the park. There is also Soft Wave Foam, a light and easy slide, characterised by a soft bottom.

The most daring amusement rides are three big slides. Long Wave Anaconda, 400 meters of vortex curves that descend from a height of 15 meters. Wave Plano Shuttle, a fall inside a bob with an initial 70% slope and a thrilling finale where you plane on water like a thrown stone. Crazy Wave Kamikaze is the most feared slide of Atlantica: its name is a promises of an extreme experience.
But in Atlantica fun is not only for the adults. Children have an area only for them with slides and pools at the correct height. It is called Baby Wave and between splashes and soft slopes is a place where fun combines with the most absolute safety.

After trying the crazy speed you can relax on Slow Wave River: a path one kilometre long to be enjoyed aboard inflated pies. A long river that passes even inside the belly of the whale, through its mouth open wide. You can also relax in the green areas surrounding the park. In Atlantica there are 42.000 square metres of green areas, ideal for sunbathing or for picnic.

Among the many services of the park there are lockers and safety deposit boxes, where to keep your personal effects during the day. There are also the changing rooms and the refreshment points: snack bar, games room and restaurant. Plenty of sunbeds and beach umbrellas are located at the edges of the swimming pools, for all those who want to combine fun with relaxation and sunbathing.
47042 Cesenatico (FC)
4, Piazza Marco Polo  
Tel: (+39) 0547 673367


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