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Fiabilandia is the first amusement park that has been built in Italy, in the now distant 1965. It is the more historic park of the Riviera Romagnola, the most long-lived and consistent. Fiabilandia over the years has never changed its original objective: amaze especially the children, with amusement rides family format, never extreme and always fantastic.

Fiabilandia is divided in four different environments, inspired by the world of fairy tales. Anyone who enters finds himself just in front of the Castle of Merlin, colourful symbol of the medieval area of the park. Then there is the oriental area inspired by the ancient China, the area inspired by the Far West and the charming Bay of Peter Pan, where you can live the adventures of the hero of Neverland.

There are many amusement rides. The most famous and historic one is the ride inside the  Castle of Merlin, in nice trucks which are in the shape of an owl. Then there are the aquatic path of the Lake of Dreams, riding a fantastic Chinese dragon, and the incredible network of streets of the Fu Ming Labyrinth, a pagoda where you loose and find yourself. Amazing is the Gold Mine: the roller coaster that crosses the Indian village in the Far West area, with breath taking descents between mountains and canyons. A classic is the Caterpillar Apple, which performs a tortuous journey through caves in the form of an apple. The newest amusement ride is instead the Capitan Nemo Adventures, where you drive fun ships armed with water rifles.
In the centre of the park you will find a large lake, where the Bay of Peter Pan has been built. It is very beautiful exploring the caves and the small bridges, look out from the rocks and enter the fearsome vessel of Captain Hook. A ship, the Fiaby Boat, at fixed times makes the rounds of the lake, boarding all the visitors and transporting them from one shore to the other. And if you finally think that you have missed something you can board Fiabilandia Express: a steam train that speeds through all the four fabulous worlds of the park. The main train station is located between the ancient houses of the far west, next to a faithful reconstruction of the legendary Fort Laramie.

Fiabilandia is located in Rivazzurra di Rimini, very close to the centre. It is connected to the town by public transport (bus number 9). From Lido di Savio you can reach Fiabilandia by train and by car, travelling south on the Strada Statale 16 Adriatica. The fact that the park is so close allows numerous hotel Lido Di Savio to offer holiday packages with entrance at Fiabilandia included in the price of the stay. A holiday in hotel Fiabilandia is the ideal way to make a holiday with the whole family by the sea more fun.
47924 Rivazzurra di Rimini (RN)
15, Via Cardano
Tel: (+39) 0541 372064


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