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Oltremare is located in Riccione on the same hill of Aquafan. It is one of the newest amusement parks of the Riviera Romagnola and is the one where fun and education combine In Oltremare you can admire sea life and nature, on the wonderful amusement rides that occupy a surface area of approximately 100,000 square meters. The number of entertainment in the park is truly remarkable.

The most famous area of Oltremare is the Dolphin Lagoon, where you can attend the performances of the legendary Ulisse the “curious dolphin”  and all his friends. The scenery is magnificent: the reconstruction of a rocky bay of the Adriatic, with stands for the public and a huge basin for the dolphins, containing 9 million litres of sea water Between splashes, jumps and dances of the cute mammals the show could not be more fun.

There are also the fabulous scenery of the two attractions Planet Sea and Planet Earth. The first is an extensive exhibition gallery where you can admire all the species of the sea, in replica or alive. The second is a kind of cinema where you can follow one of the most exciting performances: the history of our planet. An exciting interactive journey, with special effects and animations, shows four moments of the life of the Earth and of the Universe: the Big Bang, the beginnings of life, the extinction of the dinosaurs and the last glacial era before of our times.
In Oltremare there is also an area solely dedicated to playing: Adventure Island. A kingdom of fun made of ropes, poles and suspended bridges with fabulous paths on board of ships armed with water cannons.  In Adventure Island kids have fun together with the parents, on rides designed to satisfy the most different tastes. Other areas of Oltremare you must not miss areDelta and Darwin, where the natural environments of the Delta of the Po and of the era of the Jurassic period are recreated. Darwin is a great dome of glass and steel, inside which you can walk among the dinosaurs, alligators, flowers and giants trees.

Extremely interesting is  Hippocampus: the largest exhibition of the world of seahorses, needle fish and sea dragons  Small creatures of the seabed with slender and bizarre forms. Fascinating especially for children are also the Farm and the Mill of the Owl: in the first one children have fun in the company of the animals of country life, in the second they can watch large birds of prey flying.

The last attraction of Oltremare is IMax: the historic 3D cinema, a real symbol of the park. Here, in the IMax cinema you will enjoy the most exciting experiences, watching special 3D movies that bring the audience in natural environments played with incredible fidelity. The two newest and more surprising movies are Wild Ocean, on the life of the oceans, and T-Rex, a thrilling journey to the time of the dinosaurs. 

Reaching Oltremare from Lido di Savio is really easy. You can use the car, the bus or the train up to the station of Riccione and then use public transport. Considering the proximity of the park, numerous hotel Lido Di Savio propose holiday packages that include Oltremare discounts in the price of the stay. Choosing an hotel Oltremare can make a holiday in Lido di Savio and in the Lidos of Ravenna even more fun.
47838 Riccione (RN)
6, via Ascoli Piceno
Tel: (+39) 0541 4271


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